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October 19, 1972

12:30 PM

Oct. 19, 1972


Malacañan Palace


We have been sleeping in Suite I since two nights ago because the allergist, Dr. Kua Lim discovered molds and bacteria in our bedroom and gymnasium below and they are now being cleaned completely.

I have been able to placate the hill tribes, the Palawan Tausogs, the Manobos, the Higanons, the T’boli, the Mansakos etc as well as the Moslems.

We met with the Alontos (Domocao, the delegate, Madki and Gov. Tarhata Alonto Lucman) and the Cotobao Datus, the Sinsuats, the Ampatuans, Kudanding etc.

And started operations PARE under Gen. Aluvete and Chairman Aboitiz of the MDA.

Interview by Richardson of the Australian paper The Age.

And met the delegations led by Gov. Espinosa of Masbate, Gov.   and Congressman Cerilles of Zamboanga del Sur and Cong. Gustilo of Negros Occidental.

Talked to Kokoy on the US situation. Washington apparently for my martial law but not that of Pres. Park Chung Hee of Korea. He does not seem to have any reason for it as he is now negotiating the union of North and South Korea.

Am now working on the labor intensive investments like garments, embroideries and cottage industries.

And the impact infrastructure like the roads and destroyed dikes, irrigation electric & power projects etc.

Finalizing land reform (ownership phase) on the basis of transfer of ownership over land in excess of six hectares.