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November 10, 1972

11:35 PM

Nov. 10, 1972

Malacañan Palace


Organized the vertical contacts and coordination between departments in the civil government and between the civil government and the military and the private sector like the NASAC we met this morning.

This will save time and labor and eliminate red tape.

The religious were prepared to demand a consultative panel to help draft the decrees, orders and instructions. This was the plan of the religious superiors –the nuns.

But at the start of the conference with them by the cabinet I anticipated with the statement that I was of the belief that neither the clergy nor the government wanted to have the impression that the church and churchmen are intervening and participating in the running of government.

So they limited themselves to constructive proposals on the plebiscite, land reform and squatters.

But Mons. Labayen repeated his statement of the first meeting that their premartial law strategy of agitation has been changed because of my reforms.

I told them that are some members of the clergy who are still engaged in agitation.

Sec. Ponce Enrile took a strong stand against freedom of debate in the plebiscite as it may trigger further violence compelling the Armed Forces to use force.

Am finished with the primer on Martial Law and the article for the Italian magazine.

Imelda is in Nayong Pilipino still preparing for the Bagong Anyo ’72.

And am still feeling the effects of a cold.