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November 11, 1972

9:30 PM

Nov. 11, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Just arrived from the Nayon Pilipino on the showing of Bagong Anyo ’72 which was a great success although the computerized slides did not work because of the lowering of power just as they were about to be used. For the show started about 6:00 PM when about everybody turned on their lights in Manila.

But nobody noticed it except those who knew that the five slides were supposed to flash simultaneously.

And by the sheer number of creations of the 42 coutouriers (from local materials it is true but lovely nonetheless) was impressive and overwhelming.

The Bayanihan dancers presented the various old costumes from which the coutoriers drew their inspiration.

And as the Bayanihan dancers withdrew, the models came in to the tune of modern music and modern creations.

I left Imelda at the Nayon still annoyed about the slides.

Finalized at luncheon the draft of the constitution. Met Bibit Duavit, Tony de Guzman, Turing Pacificador, Ballane, Von Yeneza, Baby Navarro, Cesar Serapio and Gunio.

Most important is the plan to change the name of the Philippines since King Philip after whom our country is named was not such a model of a king to be proud of.

Tagalo, Manila, Rizalia, Silangan, Maganda, Kayumanggi, Maharlika were suggested. The last seems the most favored.

The recommendations of the Senate and House were rejected. This includes choosing the Vice President as President, the Senate President as Speaker of the new National Assembly, and the Speaker as Majority Floor Leader.

We put flexibility into the economic provisions by allowing the State to enter into treaties about alien participation.