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November 15, 1972 Wednesday


1:00 AM Nov. 16th

Nov. 15, 1972

Worked on the Sequel after my visitors:

  1. YWCA resolution of support – Youth program

2. Merger of the First National City Bank with Republic, the first holding 40% and investing at least $20 million on the Free Trade Zone.

Acceleration of the shipping complex in NASSCO

Construction of two-story markets in Manila

Prices on beef

Westrans oil exploration

Drilling rig from reparations $5 million for a consortium of drillers

3. Ex. Gov. Madki Alonto. He maintains the leaders of the Marawi uprising were Nacionalistas — that Omar Dianalan knew of it; that his son Aboikir Alonto, Vice Mayor of Marawi had openly charged that Mayor Omar Dianalan had sent someone to ask him (Aboikir) to help in the uprising.

Madki also claimed that the Christians will be afraid to return to Marawi as the policemen of Marawi had been allowed to keep their arms.

Called the Chief of PC and he informed me that Saskar Basman was captured, brought to Manila and was being interrogated in Camp Crame and was revealing the names of the participants including the Alonto-Lucman group.

He also said all the Marawi police had been disarmed and the PC taken over.

4. Ting Paterno on business guidelines to be set during the cabinet meeting next Friday on taxes, wages, credit.
We will also take up the rules and regulations on Land Reform and cooperatives
5. Tony Floirendo on the banana project and Fiera
6 Adrian Cristobal — proposals on labor representation in Neda and exemption of tenants from real estate taxes.

The new principle of the fraud that is communism or for that matter of any violent revolution: I. that it never attains the freedom that it seeks 2. Nor does it attain the promise of material comfort.

This shall be the take-off point of the book for our ideology of Democratic Revolution through constitutional authoritarianism.

And I must now reveal that rightist conspiracy for a coup d’etat after the elections of 1969.

The conspirators led by Terry Adevoso, Jimmy Piopongco and the retired officers are being interrogated.

As well as the criminal conspiracy to assassinate me and for the Vice President to take over.