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November 18, 1972 Saturday

(Office of the President of the Philippines)

12:00 PM

Nov. 18, 1972

Finished the paper on the Rightist Revolution and Coup d’etat both for James Lowenstein and Richard Moose of the Fulbright Foreign Relations Committee as well as for our confidential files.

Then met these two Americans.

Received the report of Gov. Langkula on Sulu. He asks for a military solution to the growing opposition to the government led by NDA leader Nurullaji “Nur” Misuari The government troops in some places like Luuk are virtual prisoners in their camps.

I attach the report of the governor as well as the assessment by the Marine Commander, Commodore Rudiardo A. Brown. The latter also recommends military action.

So does Regional Director Mahmud B. Bagis.

Interview by Patrice de Beer of Paris Le Monde 12:30 A.M to 2:10 PM.

Inauguration of the Asian Dev. Bank Bldg. 4:00-S:30 PM.

Bagong Anyo ’72 at Fort Aguinaldo 6:00 – 8:00 PM.