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November 20, 1972 Sunday


11:30 PM
On board the Ang Pangulo

Nov. 20, 1972

Asked Gen. Menzi to go public on the Bulletin which becomes Bulletin today He will retain only 21% of his present 51%.

He starts Tuesday, the 22nd. Liwayway will start a daily in Pilipino. Liwayway has reduced its circulation from 220,000 to 100,000 due to the flood. It has since climbed up to 140,000 Bannawag, Hiligaynon are steady.

Worked on the decrees for a University of Agriculture, exemption from capital gains of landowners on the land reform program, the Export Processing Zone Authority, the new Insurance Act, etc.

The Sulu situation is still critical. The troops in Camp Seit are still under attack. Battles have been fought in Luuk, Patikul, etc. We are sending reinforcements. Looks like Gov. Sangkula knew of the coming attacks.

Our troops have suffered 5 killed in action, 4 missing, 12 wounded.

I have ordered five helicopters to be sent to Sulu, one LST and frigate as well as all available ships and men. The LST will be a mother ship to the helicopters which are all armed with rocket launchers.

The attacks were unprovoked. So we must make an example of these.

Eddie Figueras has confessed that the plan of assassination was a plot in which the Lopezes participated, specially Heny Lopez (the Junior) and the Vice President. But these two do not move without the go signal of the older man Eugenio Lopez Sr. So our original estimate is correct. This was the rightist revolution and coup d’etat.

Figueras started to sing only at 2:30 this morning when he must have realized he was going to be held responsible all alone.

“I am not the principal figure here” he wailed. Then he incriminated the Vice President and Heny.

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