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November 22, 1972 Tuesday


1:00 PM

Nov. 22, 1972

Conference on the plebiscite set for Jan. 15, 1973. As usual Pres. Macapagal whom I invited attempted to grab attention by claiming that the Concom will pass a resolution calling for a plebiscite on Jan. 16, 1972 and gave me a letter recommending the termination or suspension of martial law during the campaign for the constitution ratification.

Comelec will be ready. Present are the Senate President, Speaker, Delegate Duavit, the Comelec, Governor’s League, Acting President Gov. Romualdez, City Mayor’s League, Acting President Mayor Lardizabal, Secs. Melchor and Tatad.

Lunch with Dr. Gustav Ranis on the survey of employment I feel he will be of great service to us. He strikes me that he will be realistic and that he is knowledgeable.

But employment and growth should not only be compatible but complementary,

I enclose a favorable article by Henry Hamm of the Frankfurter, Germany.