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November 21, 1972 Monday


1:30 AM

Nov. 21, 1972

Speaker Villareal on his recommendations for the new society, most of which apparently follow my plan in Todays Revolution — the democratization of wealth.

Sen. Perez appealing for Gov. Dumlao whose suspension I lifted so that he can work on the projects and they can be united.

Mayor Omar Dianalan on his version of the Marawi incident. He blames the Alonto-Lucman group. He says Sucar Basman surrendered because of him and Ali Dimaporo. He want the guns of his police returned. He claims the Alontos and their Ansarul Islam are secessionists, the Vice Mavor Aboikair Alonto having trained in Malaysia.

Luncheon conference on the Internal Revenue Code up to 3:00 PM.

Golf with the delegates. I convinced the two Enrique Corpus and Edmundo Ga not to cut the powers of the Prime Minister and prohibit turn coatism. Played with Bibit Duavit and Goding Ramos.

Conferred with Gen. Espino and Sec. Ponce Enrile on the Sulu situation.

We must mount an intelligence operation to document the intervention of Malaysia — specially Sabah Chief Minister Mustafa in Mindanao and Sulu.

I issued this order. We must start with the interrogation of the Malaysia trained Moslems — starting with Vice Mayor Aboikair Alonto.

The basis for a formal protest with the Malaysian government must be land.

Then we must document the unauthorized Jabidah training in Corregidor by Eddie Martelino. USec. Syquio authorized it.

Then we must announce trade with Sabah to be authorized so that the Moslems may be dissuaded from causing further trouble.

I have authorized Gen. Espino to say I directed him to survey the need for this.

We must divide the Moslem rebels in Sulu. So the governor (Murphy Sangkula) has been authorized to negotiate the surrender of some and the use of the local police and provincial guards. Luuk should be segregated from the groups in Parang, Patikul and Sait.

Then we must mass at least 1.000 men before we commit them. This will take up to the end of the month. In the meantime air strikes by helicopters and attacks by mortar and recoil-less rifle.

The Navy should cut off supplies from Tawi-Tawi and Sabah.

The right-hand left-hand treatment of the situation.

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