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November 28, 1972 Tuesday

(Office of the President of the Philippines)

1:30 AM Nov. 29th

Nov. 28. 1972

Talked to Bongbong and Irene by long distance tonight. Talked to Imee at Washington where she is spending Thanksgiving with the Flannigans yesterday.

Historical association speech – extemporaneous.

Studied the changes of the Central Bank Charter and the General Banking Act with Sec. Virata and Gov. Licaros. To be signed tomorrow.

Oil exploration by Caltex – service contract as promised by Zangaro, Caltex VP.

Heny Lopez, Serge Osmena Jr., and Evaristo Zulueta were detained for interrogation vesterday. They admit there was a plot by Trackman and the others but they did not participate in it. That Eugenio Lopez, Sr. did not agree to it.

They must have consulted Manny Abello and Emilio Abello.

Heny Lopez Jr. admits this. And Sec. Ponce Enrile says that Manny Abello was in his office asking about Heny.

But Serge has made many damaging admissions like testing the liquid explosive in the Lacson farm in Negros Occ. and giving a .22 caliber rifle at the instance of his father.

Basilan PC detachment was ambushed at Mabuso. 3 KIA. It may be a diversion from Jolo.

We lost an F-86 off Negros — went out of gas after a sortie to Jolo from Mactan. Gen. Rancudo says it may have been hit in the fuel tank.

I have ordered air operations to cease and for the 105 howitzers that have been landed in Camp Sait and the 69 – Mine Sweeper Frigate now off Sibalo Hill to the west to take over the bombardment.

The ground troops cease operations until the arrival of reinforcements.

The casualties yesterday or the day before were due to the bunching up of the two companies in one draw or gully when two machine guns opened up on them from the top of a rise from two points during withdrawal.

They were too closely packed on the withdrawal; they followed the same route as the first one; they made no preparations for an ambush by the enemy which had been tried against them on the first assault.

Commodore Fernandez reported to me at Pangarap after golf tonight at 9:00 PM.

He returns to Sulu tomorrow.

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