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December 2, 1972


12:10 PM

December 2, 1972

Euphoria is the state everybody is in because of the impact of the call for free debate, release of the media men, concon delegates and the call to a plebiscite.

So it is like fiesta time. But I am watchful because of the sudden disappearance of the well-known communist and NPA leaders, the sudden appearance of some of the released detainees and the sudden flare-up of fighting in Mindanao and Sulu.

Met the National Ratification Coordinating Committee this morning. Even Sen Pres. Gil Puyat is enthusiastic although he inadvertently expressed his face-sitting mentality when he said with respect to my instructions to Sec. Ponce Enrile to make several copies of the dossiers on the detainees as well as the morgue of the newspaper that were stopped that “one never knows when the enemy should take over power and we will have…