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December 3, 1972 Sunday


1:15 PM

December 3, 1972

Ordered the preparation of an order reestablishing the Sulu-Sabah trade ₱5,000 per trip or monthly for each duly registered trader whichever is lower and for each trader to check out and in with the established checkpoints.

And the completion of the three refrigeration units of the Sulu Archipelago.

I also ordered the procurement of reefer boats (300 tons each) through reparations.

I attach copies of orders.

Had to postpone procurement of raw materials and metal working equipment for the ammo plant because MITI is holding up the entire $90 million 17th year schedule because of this item being objected to by the opposition party,

Instead we will procure reefer boats. I attach the wire of Gen. Balao.

Bongbong III (the 180 mm hydrogen fueled rocket) exploded on take off at the test site in Cotobato. I attach report.

I also attach messages from Pres. Nixon etc.