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December 4, 1972 Monday


1:15 PM

December 4, 1972

The Spanish Ambassador brought the letter of Generalissimo Franco asking the retention of Spanish as one of the official languages in the Philippines.

Called in a conference with Dir. of the National Library Quiazon and Dir. of National Museum Alcasid as well as Sec. of Trade and Tourism and Gov. Keon so the first three can participate in the Quadro Centennial of Christianity of the Northern Luzon provinces in Laoag, locos Norte.

Then the conference of the textile manufacturers with Gen. Licaros, DBP Acting Chairman Ocampo, Ting Paterno and Sec. Quiazon on Trade for the production of raw materials for the garment industry specially because of the $1.3 billion market offered by Janesco, Mr. Parker of which is coming.

Interview by Dick Konnerick of the Seattle Times, formerly assistant editor of the Free Press.

Then speech before the First Conference of the Interdepartment Committee on Youth and Children 62% of our population are below 25 years old and 31% are from 10-25 years. So the programs is addressed to most of our people. I attach copy of my speech or the basis for it.

Mai. Eduardo Martelino has been seen in Jolo by both Col. America and Gen. Rancudo. Last night Gen. Rancudo contacted him at night by jeep and a few minutes walk eastward to convey my message that he will be pardoned for his offenses of smuggling with PAF planes and escaping from detention if he will infiltrate the Moslem outlaws and the communists under Misuari, gather the outlaws, turn them on the communists and the Sabah and Malaysian trained infiltrators as well as prepare to and infiltrate Sabah.

This may be the answer to the peace and order problem of Sulu.

Then I will reinstate the Sulu-Sabah trade.