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December 10, 1972 Sunday


12:30 PMM

December 10. 1972

We are back at the palace. We arrived at about 9:20 p.m. Imelda has been up to since this morning when Imee arrived by PAL at 7:20 a.m. and was at the Makati Medical Center.

Dr. Bob Chase said not to baby her hands and Imelda has moved around normally. Her right hand is still in a splint cast but she can use her left hand which was merely cut superficially. The right hand is fully covered with the finger tips and nail-sticking out. But she can be said to be normal as she has felt no pain since mass at 6:00 p.m, and has been taking to her visitors.

She is right now talking to Irene who is keeping to her school in Hasting, poor girl. She apparently has recovered from her shock.

I have ordered the pictures in still of the TV frames so that we can see the actual action.

I attach these and some newspapers.

The small pictures of three frames show Imelda parrying the knife thrust with the cross-hands judoka position of defense.

She is indeed a “black belter.” And we keep kidding her she is a better karate expert or judoka than I can ever become.

The pictures also show the demonic eyes of the assassin.

The right hand is beginning to throb with pain again — now that her friends have left for home.

She still has to have penicillin injections every eight hours.

But she is laughing at herself now in pain and all.

In Singapore the Straits Times in an editorial said. “Human nature is such that Thursday bolo attack on Imelda Marcos has shocked the world more than, say the assassination of a less glamorous middle-eastern potentate.”

AFP reports “The attack on Mrs. Imelda Marcos is just another symptom of the wanton violence that is spreading like an epidemic across the globe,” the English language daily Straits Times said here today.

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