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April 13, 1973 Friday


12:15 PM

April 13, 1973

I have authorized Col. Alcoseba to make a make-believe landing in Maimbung to draw the rebels occupying the town into the open to defend the beach and so they can be hit by naval gunfire and air strike.

I attach copy of instructions to the chief of staff.

It seems that Indanan has been occupied, after Maimbung. Parang is under threat and South Ubian, an island to the south, has also been occupied.

But we cannot mount an attach with only three battalions in Sulu. The 2.000 special policeman are not ready. They are mostly armed with carbines. And no match to the rebels.

So we keep feinting and hitting the rebels with navy guns and airplanes when we can get them out in the open away from the civilians