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July 5th and 6th, 1973 Friday, Saturday, 12:15 pm (at Hermano Mayor)

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12:15 PM

July 5th and 6th, `973

Friday, Saturday

At Hermano Mayor

A lazy and restfuly two days. We came in at about 12:00 AM Friday, the 5th, a long siesta, dinner and dancing to an organ. I went to bed after midnight.

Today swimming in the big breakers at the beachhouse, three miles from the house. Then lunch. But LBM — Carbo [illegible]

Have been planning on the referendum and the development of a constitutional situation where the powers of martial law can be exercised without a proclamation or continuance of martial law.

And the use of native materials for the production of exports — garments, capiz, dresses etc.

But top designers should be utilized and paid for. Then mass production in the Philippines.