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July 11, 1973 Wednesday

1973 Marcos Diary Black Book_Page_104


1973 Marcos Diary Black Book_Page_105

11:00 AM


July 11, 1973


Malacañan Palace


6th Inauguration of the PC Metrocom at Camp Crame. I explained the need of consulting with the people periodically and the country faces many historic decisions — when these decisions are made, there must be no doubt about the support by the people of such decisions.

The Metrocom commander, Gen. Alfredo Montoya, I revealed, was one of those of the military (among them the major service commanders and intelligence) also was consulted on the need for the proclamation of martial law. And the plan of neutralizing the subversives in the Greater Manila area by arrest and detention was assigned to the Metrocom.

It becomes necessary to rewrite the initial chapters of my new book in view of the revelations of the captured enemy personnel:

  1. It is now confirmed that M.V. Karagatan went to Red China, landed the guns (M-14’s) ammo, radio equipment, food supplies

July 11th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


and other material for the communists in the Philippines. Captured crew members confirm this in sworn statements.

2. The training in Isabela, included men from all over the Philippines including Muslims.

3. Documents captured in the last several months reveal the seriousness of the Mindanao and Sulu secessionist movement.

4. The strange participation of Libya and Malaysia in the subversion in Mindanao and Sulu.