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July 17th and 18th 1973

1973 Marcos Diary Black Book_Page_108.jpg

July 17th and 18th

Malacañan Palace


This noon, the Chairman of the Pan Am, Seawell –a typical ugly American– threatened to use their influence to have the U.S. CAB to cut the frequencies of PAL if the Phil. CAB does not give them additional frequencies.

I told him I will await the report of Amb. Romualdez who arrives on Sunday. In the meantime I asked him to meet with Sec. Melchor, Sec. Aspiras and PAL.

Ex-Sen. Salonga has led about 12 men who want the referendum postponed for a month as a body of Concerned Citizens to supervise the referendum instead of the Comelec.

The letter to me is pure and simple propaganda, referring to the January plebiscite as an insult to the Filipinos and made a mere seven days before the referendum. I attach copy of the letter.

As well as other reports.