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Singapore, 30-31 August 1984

Trying to make sense out of this unexpected “snag” (Singapore Airlines out of Manila was delayed, so we missed our connecting flight on Aeroflot). Trying to keep the young girl (Majal Magallona, daughter of Merlin) with me, and myself, entertained.

Singapore was not too bad. It was crowded, gleaming, bustling, and polluted. But maybe I did not see enough to appreciate it properly. I always had Apa’s remarks about it in mind—an inflated epitome of the capitalist ideal, kept alive artificially.

The Singaporeans are very efficient, but also very haughty. Tita Lett says, though, that it is just a peculiar characteristic of their intonation. Im not sure about that. If they are arrogant, they are somehow justified since they have, after all, performed rather admirably. I suppose it is also that certain remarkable quality of the Chinese
race coming to the fore, with the “blessings” of free enterprise. It is tragic, though, to see arrogance in an Asian.

The hotel accommodations (one night out of two courtesy of the airline) were quite good, and we got to eat well.