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8 April 2020

I thought I was going to give birth yesterday. I was doing the laundry when I felt stomach pains. My mother brought me to the midwife but it was a false alarm. I feel better now but I got a scolding from my mother. She said I overreacted. I think she’s angry because I unnecessarily exposed myself outside. She’s worried I might get the disease. The truth is I worry for her more. She’s been going around trying to find money to prepare for my needs when I give birth. I don’t know what I will do if she gets the disease. She does everything for us. The other day she pawned our old DVD player to get money to buy groceries.

The lockdown was supposed to end on 12 April but the government announced yesterday it will be extended until 30 April. Everybody’s been having a difficult time. People are knocking on neighbours’ doors to borrow money for food. The mayor and the village chief gave us relief packs before, but it wasn’t enough. They should give us more. They’re growing stricter with the lockdown, too. The other day they scolded a neighbour who was drinking coffee outside his door because he wasn’t wearing a face mask. He had to take it off – he was drinking!