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9 April 2020

It’s Maundy Thursday. Traditionally, we should be joining our neighbours in the house across our street so we can read together the narrative of the Lord’s Passion. We can’t gather this year so my neighbour performed the reading on her own. I could hear her from our house.

The children enjoyed a good meal today. I cooked the Lucky Me noodles that my mother bought the other day. I added vegetable leaves to make it more nutritious. They loved it. I always get good food because I’m pregnant, but the children have been eating soy sauce and cooking oil with their rice. What’s important is they have rice to eat. My mother bought 15kg of rice before the lockdown. It’s lucky that my father still had work then. I’m afraid we will run out of rice soon though because we also provide for my sister’s family nearby. My mother can’t stand not to help them, too. My husband earned some money from the market but I already spent it to buy some supplies I will need when I give birth.