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Diary of Danilo Vizmanos

10 Jan. 1973

FM and Romulo have stressed need for national security measures in light of probable end of Vietnam war, according to the papers. The trouble with the chief representatives of the ruling class – like FM and Romulo – is that they are so… Read More »10 Jan. 1973

8 Jan. 1973

Following up retirement papers. After having made a number of difficult decisions in life, I consider my decision to retire from the service as no problem at all. Matter of fact this has been one… Read More »8 Jan. 1973

7 Jan. 1973

There has been a proliferation of printed material (from reformist quarters) asking the people to vote “No” in the plebiscite. Meanwhile, TV and radio are going full blast telling the people the opposite… Read More »7 Jan. 1973

6 Jan. 1973

FM has mobilized his political machinery for the referendum. He has also withdrawn the concession granted to those against the MC. Henceforth, anybody who speaks… Read More »6 Jan. 1973

5 Jan. 1973

FM has come up with his latest gimmick — referendum through “citizens’ assemblies.” I’m afraid that this referendum will take the place of the plebiscite.… Read More »5 Jan. 1973

4 Jan. 1973

Malacanang propaganda campaign in high gear for “yes” vote for Marcos Constitution (MC) plebiscite. Can imagine the tremendous amount of money being shelled out to… Read More »4 Jan. 1973