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3 Jan. 1973

Came across a flag officer (equivalent of general in army) in Camp Aguinaldo. He asked me if it’s true that I’m retiring from the service and I said “yes.” He asked me why I had to retire short of the compulsory 30 years service. I asked him, in tum, to give me one good reason why I should stay longer in the service. He pondered for a while, then told me that I should stay because FM’s New Society is the real thing. He remarked further that he should know because he is “in” on the whole project, I stared at him without uttering a word and just went my way.

Passed by Fort Bonifacio and met this EM (P03) with whom I had a brief conversation. On the subject of current developments he told me: “Sir, malungkot itong nangyayari sa atin. Mga kapwa Pilipino rin ang naglalabanan at nagpapatayan. Pilipino laban sa Pilipino. Siguradong tuwang-tuwa ang mga Amerikano dito sa nangyayari sa ating bansa.”

The flag officer I met earlier is a college degree holder and is known in the PN for his sharp mind. The EM I just mentioned is a mere high school graduate. But what a contrast in outlook and insight. I take off my hat and express my admiration to the high school graduate. I can only say that I feel sorry for the flag officer who lacks the insight and perception of the enlisted man.