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6 Jan. 1973

FM has mobilized his political machinery for the referendum. He has also withdrawn the concession granted to those against the MC. Henceforth, anybody who speaks against the MC can be charged with subversion and may be picked up and confined in the stockade. This is the kind of atmosphere that will prevail during the entire period of the referendum.

But why did FM bother with such thing as a referendum when he could easily ignore public opinion since he has the military under his thumb? Probably for foreign consumption. To convey an impression of legitimacy to his arbitrary and unconstitutional acts.

The fellow needs as many dollars as he can lay his hands on. His main problem is economic and he must show real economic achievements to the people within the next few months. But his problems are monumental, foremost of which is the very vital prerequisite: the people’s faith and trust in him. This simply does not exist. The best indicator is the way he has surrounded himself with an almost impenetrable wall of bodyguards to the extent that he has lost contact with his people and with reality.