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19 May 1974

Magsaysay Prize awardee, Mochtar Lubis, is now a political outcast in the Suharto regime. His paper has been banned by the government. He is not allowed to travel freely, much less travel abroad. How could Lubis be so naive to swallow the US imperialist hogwash that with the elimination of Sukarno and the crushing of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in 1965, Indonesia would finally be on the road to genuine democracy under Suharto. It was too much to expect success out of the Suharto-Lubis honeymoon, one being a scoundrel and sadist and the other a soul of fidelity and innocence.

Lubis now counts himself among the people of Indonesia who are at the mercy of the US-supported armed forces of the Suharto dictatorshp. US imperialism, as Lubis found out, makes no distinction between Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Filipino and Indonesian. They all have the face of a Gunga Din that can be exploited and manipulated to serve the interest of US monopoly capitalists through their native puppets and proxies.