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5 Jan. 1973

FM has come up with his latest gimmick — referendum through “citizens’ assemblies.” I’m afraid that this referendum will take the place of the plebiscite. Since he is a segurista and will not take any chances, the so-called referendum will probably be held through the barrio councils under the very watchful eyes of the military. For who is the brave barrio captain or councilor who will dare speak against the desire of FM while the country is in a state of martial law? Most probably, whatever voting will be held will be through open vote and so we can rest assured that FM will get what he likes.

The way the making of the MC has developed should not surprise the genuine activists. They were already telling the people (even before the ConCon convened) that this MC was going to be the hoax of the century. And I believe them. Only the naive and innocent souls held high hopes on “reforms” that would be introduced in the new Constitution.

I can almost see Marcos proclaiming the Marcos Constitution as a product of, and in compliance with, the sovereign will of the Filipino people. Ugh! It is enough to make one sick in his innards!