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[28-31 March 1521]

4. From that island they sailed westwards towards a large island named Seilani which was inhabited and was known to have gold. (Seilani — or, as Pigafetta calls it, “Ceylon” — was the island of Leyte…)

5. Sailing southwards along the coast of that large island of Seilani, they turned southwest to a small island called “Mazava’. That island is also at a latitude of 9 and two-thirds degrees North.

6. The people of that island of Mazava were very good. There the Spaniards planted a cross upon a mountain-top, and from there they were shown three islands to the west and southwest, where they were told there was much gold. “They showed us how the gold was gathered, which came in small pieces like peas and lentils.”

From here we departed and sailed W., and fell in with a large island called Seilani [Leyte], which is inhabited, and contains gold; we coasted it, and went to W.S.W., to a small inhabited island called Mazaba [Limasawa]. The people are very good, and there we placed a cross upon a mountain; and from thence they showed us three islands in the W.S.W. direction, and they say there is much gold there, and they showed us how they gather it, and they found small pieces like beans and like lentils; and this island is in 9⅓° N. latitude.