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[4-6 April 1521]

7. From Mazava they sailed northwards again towards Seilani. They followed the coast of Seilani in a northwesterly direction, ascending up to 10 degrees of latitude where they saw three small islands.

8. From there they sailed westwards some ten leagues, and there they saw three islets, where they dropped anchor for the night. In the morning they sailed southwest some 12 leagues, down to a latitude of 10 and one-third degree. There they entered a channel between two islands, one of which was called “Matan” and the other “Subu “.

We departed from Mazaba [Limasawa] and went N., making for the island of Seilani [Leyte], and afterwards coasted the said island to the N.W. as far as 10°, and there we saw three islets; and we went to the W., a matter of 10 leagues, and then we fell in with two islets, and at night we stopped; and on the morrow we went S.W, and ¼S., a matter of 12 leagues, as far as lO⅓°, and there we entered a channel between two islands, one called Matan [Mactan], and the other Subo [Cebu]; and Subo, with the isle of Mazaba and Suluan [small island southeast of Samar], are E.W. ¼ N.W.S.E.; and between Subo and Seilani we saw a very high land to the north, which is called Baibai [Leyte], and they say that there is in it much gold and provisions, and much extent of land, that the end of it is not known.