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[28 October 1521]

We sailed from Sarangani, and went S.¼S.E., until we came opposite an island called Sanguin [Sanguir], and between the two are many islets, and they are on the West side, and this island is in 3⅔°. From Sangui we went S.¼S.E. to an island called Sian; between them there are many islets, and this island is in just 3°. From Sian we went to S¼S.W., as far as an island called Paginsara, it is in 1⅙°; and from this island to Sarangani the run is N.S¼N.E. S.W. in sight of all these islands.

From Paginsara we went to S.¼S.E., until we came between two islets, which lie together, N.E. and S.W., and that one to the N.E. is named Suar, and the other is named Atean, and one is in 1° 45′, and the other in 1½°.