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Tuesday 23 of January 1565

The ships sailed around the land and on Tuesday 23 of January, they anchored at the coast northwest, southeast by northsouth, The first coast sighted was at north northeast south southwest) this land is of the islands called Ladrones; the island is of this shape (figure),

This island is a high mountainous land with a large expanse of reddish soil. From at could be seen near the coastline, twas evident that there was little level land and was covered with coconut trees and rice fields and roots of yams, sweet potatoes; and a lot of sugarcane, There was much ginger. The land is densely populated; their houses are on the seacoast and there are big, dockyards for their
ships, of which they have a great number, The people of this land are good natured; they go about naked, their private parts uncovered,