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Monday, 19 March 1565

The General departed for the town named Bohol at the western part, which would be 4 leagues away. The galleon San Juan was left behind so that its captain Juan de la Isla might go to discover the coast of Bagundanao,
and go to the town of Butuhan where where they said, trade is carried on and gold is bartered with things brought by Chinese junks, On the said galleon go the officials of the King to trade in behalf of His Majesty; and to see the land and find out about the trade done there, I sailed this day at 11 at night with the east northeast wind along, the coast intending, not to leave this coast unless it was necessary till the island of Massawa and end of Panay and from there until Butuan and end of Cabid because this was what I had been ordered to do. And nearing, the turn of the land, I lost my way and so | had to go the turn east southeast because there I could reach the island of Camiguinin at the eastern part. And after having arrived at half of the abra, the currents at the turn southwest were so swift, that! scarcely hit the island of Camiguinin at the western part, going at times east by southwest.

… From the time J departed until I arrived this island, it took me until Wednesday morning. There I sailed with calm winds till 11:00 in the morning, when I anchored waiting for the breeze to go down to Camiguin by the southern part where there is a passage of two leagues for the island of Bagundanao. I set sail at two in the afternoon of this same day with a northerly wind an after having gone three leagues, the winds were calm. I anchored between this island and Bagundanao due to the great current at the turn west… waiting for tide in order
to go to the strait…

The island of Bagundanao, at the turn southwest of this said island of Camiguinin; and its description is: It is like a round loaf of sugar which juts out over the sea northwest-southeast of the headland and is south of Camiguinin. It is covered with many trees; from the sea there is a foothill of land at the turn south where the land is higher. This strait is perfectly safe. From this above mentioned loaf of sugar there is a bay at the turn southwest, about 5 or 6 leagues. And we were getting closer to the land east of Panay at about 11:00 in the morning…

We must have been 12 leagues from the end of Panay. | marked the land at the end of Panay and we were located at the north. | also marked the island of Massawa which was located between north by northwest from where we were. I also marked the island of Camiguinin which was located east of sugar above said at the mouth of this island of Camiguinin and Baguindanao., This loaf was located east-southeast from me and at this time when I was leaving, between 11 and 12, the wind was from the north and I was sailing southwest to go to the bay which is at the eastern part. Because that morning, smoke had been seen in the bay, I went there to anchor.