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Sábado 28 de Mayo 1898

Dicese que en río de Imus han hecho los yanquis un amago de desembarco protegido por el cañonero “Callao” pero han sido valientemente rechazados por los voluntarios de Imus que les han hecho 17 bajas. Este es el rumor que corre, pero no se puede responder de la exactitud de la noticia. (…) Enla casa del Ayuntamiento de Manila se ha reunido por primera vez la Asamblea consultiva.

They say that the Yankees have tried to land under the protection of the Callao, but were valiantly repulsed by the volunteers of Imus who have caused them seventeen deaths. This is a rumor and there is no way of checking its truth. For the first time the Philippine Constitutive Assembly held a meeting at the Ayuntamiento, presided over by His Excellency, the captain general. He spoke briefly about his strong confidence in the country and says it is the start of an era of far-ranging liberal reforms which can be good for the country. D. [Pedro] Alejandro Paterno thanks him, assuring him at the same time that from the moment such great trust in the will and morale of the Filipino people was shown by raising them to the high dignities of the honor and the military leadership of their forces, and from the moment those of the country entered the Assembly, the speaker has seen the realization of the three ideals of his life: sovereignty of Spain, local representation, and the start of colonial government.