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Wednesday, November 9th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

An important day in more respects than one.

Air cool. Shower this afternoon. The Lord is good to me praise His name. The U.S. soldiers are bringing in money freely. Praise God. Private Devine (Landon) gave me $5. Gold, ($10) Mex. His tenth & over; Private Ackaret of B. Battery. Utah Vol. $6. Mex. 1/10; & Private Moe of K. Battery 3d Artillery $1 Mex. A postal money order payable to me for $18 U.S. coin was rec’d No. 81457. Sta. B.S.F. Oct. 5th Under date of 3d Oct. Lieut Col. Wm Evans writes: “You will find enclosed the sum of $18 to help you on your way a little & I will see that you will have a remittance every week of nine dollars at least from now on.

I am glad to say that we have at last been able to make definite arrangements with New York on this question & trust that the work you have started out in the Philippines will only be the forerunner of big blessed things in the future.”

The letter means that I shall have a salary of $9. a week.

A letter of 4th asks me to collect some foreign postage stamp for him.

A letter also came from Lieut-Col. Alice Lewis (been promoted) dated Sept. 29th answering mine of 26th Aug. Answers (1) Herself & commander read my letter carefully (2) at Commander Booth – Tucker’s request sent copies to Gen’l Booth & Chief Staff Bramwell Booth. (3) Instructed William Evans to remit my salary every week which New York H.Q. will repay him, (4) Had Admiral Dewey’s letter to me put on a slide, ditto a photo of myself. The “Olympia” & some Philippine scenes for exhibition at the Carnegie Hall meeting Oct. 18th (5) Want me to write them a weekly letter.

One bundle of assorted foreign War Crys & several copies Sept. “Harbor Lights” came.

News to hand today by cablegram state the U.S. elections are going against the Republicans, which may change the policy of that party so far as the Philippines are concerned & the army may be withdrawn.

Write & copied a letter to Capt. W. H. Whiting of the “Monadnock” re service next Sunday. Changing of the vessels disarranges my plans.

Before breakfast wrote “Rocky Comfort” & “Good-by Spain” Private I. Russell proprietor of “American Soldier,” called early & I gave the copy to him. Also wrote matter for S.F. Cry – Visitors 13.