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Tuesday, November 8th, 1898

This is a beautifull day 12 of our men are going on Outpost and 2 on Brigade Guard we have fresh Meat Boys are still buisy mailing Packages the Post Office is crowded at all times I myself sen 4 letters of wich I register one wich contains a Mony Order 3 papers and a Map of the Battlefield and 6 Packages we still have no Mail in at 1 Clock the Election Polls where opened Co C casted 43 Votes of wich one Vote was for Washington Co.
for Govener Slone 31
Georg Jenks 9
(1) from me Swallow 2
M Mckchran 12
Achison 29
Bryne 14
Boyd 27
McCormick 21
Seaton 21
District Atorny
Hagen 7
W E Craw 34

Connesvill gave McCormick 40 and Seaton 6 for Sherriff the following acted as a Board of Election
Judge of Election} W L Seaman D
Wm Martin D
Alles Ewing R
for Clerk Chas Howard R
Wm Howard D
the Election was rather quiet christopher who was confined in the Guard Hous voted and also 4 men in the Hospital voted Major Biere took the Blanks out and had them filled and returned them wich I believe was not lawfull a Democrat ought to went him other wise the Election was allright the Evening at 8 pm a Calfornia Soldier was stabed to death at the Beer Garten “Allhambria” by a america “Sailor of the Olympia Dewys Fleet” the men is held under Arrest Hustead Turly and T Rhodes are on the sick List

This is a beautiful day. Twelve of our men are going on outpost and two on brigade guard. We have fresh meat. The boys are still busying mailing packages. The post office is crowded at all time and I, myself, sent four letters of which I registered one which contains a money order, three papers and a map of the battlefield and six packages. We still have no mail in at 1 o’clock. The election polls were opened. Company C cast 43 votes of which one vote was for Washington County. For Governor: Slone (31), George Jenks (9), Swallow (2) (one of which was from me). Congress: M McCochran (12), Achison (29). Senate: Byrd (14), Boyd (27). Sheriff: McCormick (21), Seaton (21). District Attorney: Hagen (7), W.E. Craw (34). Connellsville gave McCormick 40 and Seaton 6 for Sheriff. The following acted as a board of elections: Judge of Election, [Walter] L. Semans (D); William Martin (D); Alec Ewing (R); Clerk, Charles Howard (R); William Howard (D). The election was rather quiet. Frank Christopher, who was confined in the guard house, voted and also four men in the hospital voted. Major Bierer took blanks out and had them filled and returned which I believe was not lawful, a Democrat should have gone with him. Otherwise, the election was alright. In the evening, at 8 p.m., a Californian soldier was stabbed to death at the beer garden “Allhambria” by an American sailor from Dewey’s fleet on the Olympia. The man is being held under arrest. [Frank] Hustead, [John] Turley and [Thomas] Rhodes are on the sick list.