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Dec. 18, 1898

Sunday. Had a very fine dinner. Christmas boxes add greatly to our bill of fare. In afternoon Jim, Carr & I called on Launacia’s folks. They live about 2 miles from Adeiano in a pretty lougi district . Besclis [besides] mother father there is Herbina about Launacia are very bright and pretty. They are like all Phillipines (sic) [Filipinos] but cleaner & are brighter. Carmen does fancy work for soldiers. Mother makes chocolate. They are very hospitable. Girls are odd. Do not hesitate to brush hair, powder face before company. It was a funny call we could not speak Togae [Tagalog] or Spanish & they no English. Some of our rude remarks were startling. They served chocolate snails. Old man was sick. Palpitation of heart. Insisted on our staying. Are [am] going next week to take picture.