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Sunday 12-18-98

Serg’t Burtt and I went to 14th U.S.A. in Matate [Malate] to see Fix. Had a great feed and then went along Calle Real to Fort Matate [San Antonio Abad]. We got thro’ the lines of guards by my compass. Here is where very heavy fighting took place on Aug. 13, and above the shattered, battered ruins floats the same flag, whipped and torn by the winds, which was raised during the fight. The boy who raised it was shot thro’ the neck and killed. The old hospital behind is riddled with shot and several large shells. These trenches were filled with Sp. dead & wounded, and the bl. house 13 was burned with many wounded within. A 6 or 8 inch shell bored thro’ the wall into the magazine doing the fearful execution. I picked up several heavy gun primers and Mausers. Up to cock pit in Calle Neuva [Nueva], then we visited the 14th “house” in the grove, then back for supper. Took in the Luneta and home at 8 p.m. Several boys recv’d Xmas boxes today.