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February 1, 1899

Pointdexter was tried before a summary court [in front of a] Lieut.Col. He was fined $10 making no defense. Think it was a surprise to him as General Court Martial was expected. Capt. McDonald was sick with fever. Not yet serious & we expect it will not be as he was better in evening. Mail leaves tomorrow but will send no letters.

Insurgents last night advanced on the Nebraska outposts they fell back according to orders so as to avoid trouble. The insurgents who made the advance are not directly under Aguinaldo & want to fight. [Gen.] Otis hopes to arrange matters peacefully so will not oppose them with force until it becomes necessary. It seems to natives [our] policy gives false idea of us. Makes them think we are afraid so gives them much confidence if trouble ensues[and it will] finally will make that much harder work to subdue them. There was no general call to arms last night but several regiments were under arms. Our mess is no so good it was when Ferlnabador [Fehrenbacher] first took hold. He is somewhat close & seems to wish to make a stand as a money saver instead of serving fine meals. We ate much better under Pratt than under Fembacker (sic) we now get very little but government rations although there is something like $400.00 in food.