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Saturday, March 25th, 1899

The Weather is fine we all got up at 3 o Clock had Breakfast at 4 and formed a Attack on the Enemy at 5 30 Co C. D. H. and K are on the firing line and Cos E and I Support took Enemy position in 30 minutes C.W. Walker was wounded in the Shoulder Private Newell of Co. E Killed drove the Enemy back about 7 Miles Private Kelly of Co K wounded in the Leg the Enemy losses where heavy death Niggers could be seen every where Montana Regt had 4 men Killed and 14 wounded Wagontrain of 200 Wagons in 2 Miles behind the Forces 2 Horses where Killed and one U.S. Mule was hit in the Leg Wagontrain had 2 men wounded and on cherro driver was hit in the Foot also 2 men of the Cavalry where Killed and several wounded

The weather is fine. We all got up at 3 o’clock and had breakfast. At 4 a.m. we formed an attack on the enemy. At 5:30, Companies C, D, H and K are on the firing line and Companies E and I in support. We took the enemy positions in 30 minutes. [Charles] Walker was wounded in the shoulder. Private Newell of Company E was killed. We drove the enemy back about seven miles. Private Kelly of Company K was wounded in the leg. The enemy losses were heavy. Dead niggers could be seen everywhere. The Montana Regiment had four men killed and fourteen wounded. A wagon train of 200 wagons stretched two miles behind the forces. Two horses were killed and one U.S. mule was hit in the leg. The wagon train had two men wounded and one cherro driver was hit in the foot. Also, two men of the cavalry were killed and several wounded.