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March 26-99

Late on March 1st we worked on entrenchments and I recv’d a sunstroke & in 15 mins was talking like a “halibut.” Was taken to the rear to field hosp. in StAna. Fever 105°. Taken to 1st Res. Hosp. in Manila on the 6th, put in ward 10. Was sent to Corregidor Is. on the 16th. to ward 10.

Meanwhile Wn was in “Flying Brigade.” Gen. Wheaton. They left San Pedro [Macati] on 13th & on 19th made big march against Monte Negro y Pio Del Pilar. 30 mi. round trip. One Corp. & 1 Pri. in D Co. seriously wounded. Later Pri. Melse was shot by accident & died. Reported to St. Ana and the next day the 22nd went out with Sgt. Burtt to the Co. which was at Pateros.