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Sunday, April 30th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Rain last night; cloudy & comparatively cool today.

Read Leviticus & part of a psalm this morning; prayed to my precious Lord, then cooked breakfast. After eating thereof and washing dishes, looked up some songs & a bible lesson, by that time the clock marked 10.25 a.m. Prayed for God’s blessings on my prison service & walked down Paseo Azcarraga to Bilibid. Am quite well known there now & am admitted by the sentry of the 20th U.S. Infantry & the Filipino gate keeper without trouble. I found Provost-Sergeant Houser in bed complaining of feeling unwell. However, he got up & opened the wards for such prisoner as cared to attend my service. Six or eight came out & we adjourned to the civil prison, where sailors & beach “comber” are confined –- a pretty hard set are they are too. Had an audience of 22. The men (some) complained because I came just at the time they dished up their one daily meal. Some prisoners went outside but others remained inside & listened attentively. The sergeant went away & looked the irongate behind him leading into the yard & left me alone with the prisoners. At the conclusion of the service, in which I had to do everything alone except distribute song books & sing I bade them adieu. One asked me for 30 cts. I gave the men 2 New Testaments. The military prisoners who came in with me pulled some of the iron rods serving for pickets out of their sock, etc. I squeezed thro’ the opening & got into the main yard. One of the prisoners, a backslider Baptist & I had a talk re his soul; also spoke to another backslider; both seem interested.

Leaving Bilibid walked back via Paseo Azcarraga house. I saw my portrait, cut from a San Francisco War Cry, stuck on the wall of the civil prison over a bunk, with 2 pieces of green ribbons decorating the bottom. Where they secured the picture in a mystery to me.

Arriving home I was surprised to meet 2 U.S. soldiers 9th Reg’t regular waiting to see me –- Bro. (Private) Walter I. Mason of Co. D. & an unconverted friend. I spoke to the latter advising him to be come a Christian. Mason is member of Boston 1 Corps. (Mass.) Saved 3 years. Said Lt.-Col. W J. Cozens & Staff Capt. Sam Wood of Boston send regards to me. We had a long conversation & parted with prayer.

Must not neglect to state that on my return –- passing down Azcarraga, I was stopped by a 20th U.S. Infantry soldier, who introduced himself -– Private Wm Clark Co. M. Was converted in Philadelphia I Corps. (Penn.) 2 years since. Claims to be saved but smokes. Promised to call & see me. After my company left commenced writing more copy for “All the World” magazine. Private Clayton Scott dropped in & I ceased writing. At close of our conversation we prayed together & went down to Binondo Dist., beyond Puerta General Blanco to the “Old Folks at House” restaurant for supper. Three negroes, a Chinese & a white man are connected with this establishment in various capacities. The dinner was so inferior compared to the price charged that we concluded that this our second visit shall be our last. Scott intended to stand treat but his money was not equal to the bill, $1.20 Mex. The 20 cts I paid.

After dark Orderly Kelch of the 3d artillery called with a companion. He (Kelch) brought a letter from Private M. L. Devine (Landon) of K. battery 3d written at Malolos Apr 30th requesting the loan of $5 or $6 Mex. as he is unwell & the food is wretched. I sent by Kelch $3 American silver, also a letter. God bless Landon & the other boys.