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May 25th-99

Niggers tried to get inside our circle of outposts, several times, last night, but failed. Slept in a.m. Cool –the typhoon is about blown out. Gun is in position and will open up. The 71 Mausers (German Needle Gun) are busy trying to pick us off. They have the range and the boys are keeping low. 2000 soldiers in sight –and a couple of priests are holding service. They had better read the burial service. At noon the art. opened with shrapnel and 1300 yds; our Krags tore loose –and until dark we had pieces of fillips flyin’ in all directions. In evening all the officers came to pay respects to our Major in honor of his birthday. The boys were on hand and we gave them a few songs below, then were invited up and treated royally.