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Thursday, May 25th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Have just completed a letter & copied it, to Rev. Harlan P. Beach, Educational Secretary, Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, 3 West 29th St. New York. He wrote me a letter (date Apr 1st) enclosing me a blank to fill out giving an account of my field of labor. Filled the blank & wrote him a 3-page letter explaining more about the Philippines than was covered by his printed general questions.

Mailed letter to Lt-Col. Alice Lewis. Did so immediately after cooking & eating breakfast. Got on a street car & proceeded to the Imperial photograph gallery in Quiapo Dist. Ordered 6 more photos unmounted of No. 2 Calle Sta. Elena. Also purchased 5 photos for $1 Mex. war views. Although I have sent many pictures with my articles to various S.A. publications I have quite a good collection on hand for stereoschopic purposes in case they are wanted.

Stopped in a second-hand furniture dealer’s store where 2 cases of sea & land shells are for sale ($1000.00) & priced some of the shells separately to get an idea of how the shell market is ruling. Showed me 2 shells – price $4 & $5 Mex. each. I purchased 2 yesterday on the street for less than $2 Mex. I pick up such bargains in rare shells quite often.

Called at the post office. Rec’d a letter from Private D. G. Hines E. Co. 1st  Montana Vol. Inf. Is at San Fernando. Had a hard time getting there. Layed over 5 days at Calumpit. Wants me to come up & bring him envelopes, paper & $1 worth of postage stamps. Purchased the stamps before leaving the office, advancing the money for the same.

Met Rev. Owen on the Escolta. When we parted I called at a Spanish grocer’s & bought 4 lbs sugar for 60 cts. Mex.

Arriving home rested my mind by reading.

Owens paid me back $5. Mex. borrowed money. The Owens’ & myself put our heads together re bearing the expenses of the 4 sailor’s support. They brought their bags in today. A week or 10 days may elapse before they can sail. Mrs. Owens complains because they are so uncertain at mealtimes. They concluded to give them $10 Mex. & let them get meals elsewhere. I am to purchase $20 Mex. worth of food for them when they sail. Have already spent over $4.20 & let them draw on my side of bacon & sugar.

The Owens are preparing to leave soon.

Private (Bro.) Clayton Scott came in about dark. Short talk & prayer. Bro. Merritt got seriously kicked by a horse & lost $60. Scott met a young Hawaiian who claims to be a Salvationist. Prays by his bedside regardless of ridicule. Loaned Scott 50 cts., American Silver.

Bacon, too much, is giving me a touch of dyspepsia. Must slack up. Caught a cold in the head today.

Cooked supper. This morning read 2 chapters in “Numbers”. Also prayed to my God. The Lord was near; praise Him.