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Saturday, May 27th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

Weather warm. Shower during the day. Last night the influenza became much less troublesome, praise the Lord, and gave me but little trouble.

Read one and part of another chapter in Numbers, then prayed to my God for His protection & guidance.

Cooked breakfast. The dyspeptic feeling has passed since I slacked up on a fried bacon.

While I was at breakfast a Filipino bill collector entered & presented me with a subscription dun – Daily Manila “American” sub. From “2/1 to 6/1” $4.40 Mex. Paid it.

Rev. Owens & myself went down to the Escolta, I inquired at the post office & rec’d several papers. 3 day’s Americans included. The post office delivery is defective. They should come to me every day.

At the post office I met & had conversation with Mr. A. Mc Duff, a Scotchman, who recently came here from Singapore. He is or was chief engineer of the S.S. Kwang-hoi Mr. M. is a Christian & invited me to call & see him.

Leaving my Scotch brother I dropped in at a Spanish barber shop to get shaved. There I found Rev. Owens (who parted from me at the Anglo-Indian bank) and 2 soldier friends. Together we 4 struck out to find a photograph gallery where we could have the group taken, but failed to have the work done by 12 o’ clock so deferred the matter.

Looked over the Houston and San Francisco papers. The War Crys of Apr. 29th brings out the second part of my article describing the Tondo Dist. Filipino uprising. I was glad to read an item in the Cry that a small cylinder press has been added to the printing dep’t. this leads me to infer that the San Francisco War Cry will not be suppressed by its New York enemies. The S.A. powers even as far back as the days of Ballington Booth wanted to suspend the S. F. War Cry but in spite of their wishes, the Lord kept it going.

The p.m. at the delivery window requested me to come again this afternoon. So I called again about 4 o’clock but rec’d nothing. The mail came per S.S. Morgan City.

On my way to the post office, while waiting for a street car I got into a conversation with a soldier. As usual the talk was made to turn on the state of his soul. The soldier confessed himself a backslider Salvationist from Colorado. Invited him to call at No. 2 His name E. S. Crist, Colorado regimental bakery, 28 San Sebastian.

Gave Mr. Peter Weigner, 40 cts. Mex. He bought 1 yard of heavy duck. The sailors patched the tent with it. The sailor for whom I got the powder at the Utah Light Artillery quarters yesterday p.m. is smiling today & look much better says he feels better. This evening’s Daily Manila “Times” is the leading editorial headed “Beachcomber”, styles these sailors by that name & says they should not receive help but be allowed to starve.

Private (Bro) M. L. Devine (Landon) K. Battery 3d Reg’t Heavy Artillery came in today. Part of his battery arrived late last night on the train from Malolos. Devine looks bad. He is very much broken in health. Invited him to make this house his resting place. Said he would. Came twice. Can hardly keep anything on his stomach. I made him a cup of lemonade this forenoon ditto this evening.

I am thankful to the Lord that my health is better. The climate here is trying. Many strange diseases assail human flesh. The enervating tropical heat taken away the vigor from one’s frame.

Down at the intersection of the Escolta & Calle del Rosario Mr. G. W. Peters, sketch artist for several American publications, bade me good-bye. He returns to the United States via HongKong and Nagasaka. Peter came over on the steamer “Newport” with Gen’l Merritt’s party.