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August 16, 1899

Teams pass to the left as in England. English sparrows here. I noticed a man fishing on the beach with a net the poles of which must have been ten feet long. He spread them out and would then raise the poles, finally taking out some little fish like white bait. The Chinese carry all their burdens either on their heads or at each end of a stick suspended across their shoulders. Their walk when thus loaded is like an athlete walking on a track. Washed my clothes this morning. Not that I like to do it, but as we are doing absolutely nothing it kills time. Am bunking with Smith, a veteran of Santiago. He is fertile in expedients and is always foraging. We are the only two who take our meals in comfort, he having made us a little table and seat in the shade of the barracks. A good many mosquitoes at night. Even as I sat here writing orders have just come in to go to San Fernando on the north firing line. All is activity and bustle.