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Wednesday 8/17-1899

Sky clear, sun burning. Two Co’s flanked the niggers early in a.m. Slight brush. Several cases of stealing guns occurred this week. One was captured today and will be sent to Bilibib [Bilibid] –the horrible place of the Indio.

Maj Canton today offered me either Serg’t Maj or QM of the 11th Cav if I would stay. My finals would amount to over $500.00.

Strong to heavy wind in p.m. from NW & N and a driving rain until 7 p.m. Rumors that we will be relieved tomorrow. Am restless and apt to think too much.

Ins shoot at fires, so all campfires are out by 8 p.m.

Clouds cleared away from range from our E. to south of StCruz, showing a very beautiful contour running from Calamba Mount (2500 ft) to volcano S. of StCruz which is, perhaps, 4000 ft high. Clouds raked the forest at 1000 ft elevation.