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November 10th, 1899

The whole family left Villasis at night for Bayambang. On reaching the ford before Alcalá, the President’s daughter, Flora Victoria Aguinaldo y del Rosario, died without her mother knowing it. It must have been midnight. At dawn, on the 13th, we reached Bayambang. The President’s wife, still unaware of her daughter’s death, requested me to buy more medicine for her when we passed by a drugstore. On my way, I met the President and informed him of the demise of the girl. Without a word to his wife, he, accompanied by P. Aglipay[1] went to bury the child at the Bayambang church.

[1] Gregorio Aglipay, a Filipino Catholic priest who founded the Philippine Independent Church in 1902. He took active part in the Philippine Revolution of 1896.