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September 11, 1938, Sunday

Charity Races.

Lim went to see McA. and on his return he calls for Poblete Vador & me. He starts his talk in the same old manner of how he wants to serve us. He springs the idea that he had wanted to leave the PA sometime next year but that not now because if he leaves now his actions may be interpreted as sympathy with the group that is quitting. I stopped him short on this point saying how could it be when some probably stay. And even if we quit, if he quits in Jan. or Feb. there should have elapsed enough interval to wipe out such an interpretation. It would up McA. did not tell him anything or L was lying as usual. Nobody believes him. He probably tried to tell us in a subtle way what McA told him but in doing so he tied things up by not having enough command of the English language, It would up with me giving him a lecture on the coldbloodedness of the letter which must in turn be answered coldbloodedly. L says about officials of this govt who do not help that such officials would not have any more opportunities as the Pres. will damn them. I retorted that this is the origin of sacdals and other discontented elements.