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September 10, 1938, Saturday

Gen S called me and Pastor. He told us the same thing he told me. I told him that the Mil. Adv. Office used wrong psychology in the estimate of the situation. He tells you he needs you, and then offers you something to drive you away. I told him also that the Mil. Adviser if it knew the facts had been hiding the provision of our duty under the Acts of 1926 and 1935 –otherwise we would have accepted [illegible] ranks under the PA two years ago.

Gen S called for me and Pastor again at 3:00 pm. I went and were with Vador & [illegible]. I told him about seeing Mil. Adv. but he said it was not necessary. I also spoke about Victor in his relation to Hernandez. We had a little tussel on this point.

Meeting at Vador. Later for coffee at Lim. I regretted going to latters place as this fellow would probably use our going his home as motivated by the need for consultation. No agreement reached at meeting.