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Thursday, Jan. 25, 1940

Had conference w Bill Dunckel re future of army. He notes with sadness the lack of loyalty of personnel to McA. He also spoke of the Sutherland-Marshal combination.

Mr. Purugganan came to see me re Feb 11 when I shall give a talk on National Defense to a group of Ilocanos.

Mr. Jose Castro came to see me re horses. He squealed to me re vtrn which was shipped to Pangasinan by train. Anacleto Ramos dinner, played mahjohn at Bar.

Castro spoke of a meeting in Manila. Met with Australian horse dealer Jones. There were originally six in the party but only three ordered horses and 3 arrived.

[illegible] of these 3, 1 to him, one to Ramos (illegible) one to Fortich. Castro would not tell what he did w horse. Rodriguez was present at Manila Hotel.

Prepared regulations for appointment of cadets from the PMA.