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Friday, Feb. 2, 1940

Sec. Sison inspects Hdqrs. at 8:00. I was present. Conference w Williams and City officials re Armory.

Conference w Man. Paez of M.R.R. re training of RR engineers.

Conference w Caps Jimeno Ex O Eng. re Jap. foreman of Parang. Assemblyman Vamenta & contractor present.

Garcia’s silly note re disposition of newspapers showing the little man in him.

Meeting of Board of Selection of Officers to the U.S. Garcia’s usual amateurish display of lawyership. I saw that the minority did not accuse the majority of lack of integrity but if they desire to interpret minority that way they may do so.

Victor discusses w me subject of District Commanders.

Benito Prieto calls me up re Horse Union belonging to Jorge Araneta.