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Monday, Feb. 5, 1940

Gen Staff meeting re substitution of trainees w ROTC & HS cadets.

Lim bawls out Garcia for trying to do somebody else’s job. Garcia tries to be all smart engrandizes himself thru casual trips with Valdes, Sec S and Pres Q. Garcia pretends to speak w authority when he is w these people & compromises the Gen Staff. Lim tells him that the Gen Staff was trapped thru the study of Garcia on the Reg. Division in which he claimed to be able to save millions by reducing the number of trainees. He forgot the mission of the Nat. Def. which needs 20 divisions. As usual after Lim’s bawling out Garcia just mumbles a lot of incoherent explanations. My statement was “I am the author of the idea about the use of HS cadets and I do not see why I should not be allowed to develop it. The entire Gen Staff is with me about this matter. Garcia wants to pose as the author of this idea by having his name in study that goes to Malacanang. Marquat comes in after a few minutes to tell me that somebody was stealing the idea away.